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Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Şowándé, Fęlá, 1905-1987 Olufęlá Şowándé was born in Ợyó, where his father, Emmanuel, of Ègbá origin, was an Anglican minister on the faculty of St. Andrews College.  Music study was a requirement here of all students for the priesthood.  Şowándé thus was surrounded by music from his earliest years.  When his father, his first music [...]

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

WORKS 4 African dances, op. 58, for violin & piano (1902).  London: Augener, 1904, 1917 (published separately, bowing & fingering by William Henley).  (11342; 12837).  Dedication: Goldie Baker.  1. Allegro, G minor. 2. Andantino molto sostenuto e dolce, F; 3. Allegro con brio, A. 4. Allegro energico, D minor.  Première: ca. 1902; Rochester Choral Society; [...]